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Welcome to Color Blind Sober Living Residence & Addiction Recovery Services in Los Angeles and The San Fernando Valley, CA (Woodland Hills)

Providing affordable and upscale sober living & addiction recovery housing in a coed (men & women) environment, while also offering intensive outpatient treatment as an ancillary service for those currently in the grips of drug addiction, and in need of added support in order to launch their sobriety on a positive note.

Welcome Musicians

The only sober living home in Los Angeles & San Fernando Valley, CA with a professional recording studio!

Semi-structured Recovery

We blend in some structure with some freedoms for those who have proven their desire to remain sober.

Sober Living & IOP Rehab

For those needing a higher level of care, we work closely with various local outpatient treatment centers.

Rules & Standards

From mandatory drug & alcohol testing to curfews and standards in sober lifestyle, we offer great balance.

Great Location

Located in the heart of Woodland Hills, clients are near AA & NA meetings as well as job options and more.

An Upscale Residence

With all of the modern amenities, pool, beds, furnishings appliances, etc., this is sober living at its finest!

Color Blind Sober Living & Addiction Recovery Services

As being among Los Angeles, California’s premier upscale sober living homes and addiction treatment service, Color Blind offers truly a one-of-a-kind experience — and at a surprisingly affordable cost!

Sober Living

Learn all about Color Blind Sober Living Homes and how we do things. This isn’t just another addiction recovery home, but rather a launching pad to a whole new way of living in sobriety.

Addiction Treatment

Learn all about our IOP and PHP drug & alcohol rehab options for clients needing higher care. In addition, many of the local treatment programs we work with accept private health insurance.

Recording Studio

To our knowledge, there is no other sober living residence or addiction recovery home in The San Fernando Valley, CA that offers sober musicians a professional recording studio on-site.

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“I had been struggling with heroin and alcohol addictions for over 10 years, and in that time had been to at least 5 or 6 drug rehabs and sober living homes, but with little success. My time at Color Blind Sober Living Home was unlike anything I’d experienced in the past…i was there for 8 months and today I’m over 19 months sober! I am so grateful for how they helped me and their unique and wonderful way of approaching drug addiction recovery — THANK YOU!”

Ty Kapernick

Ex-client from Los Angeles, CA

Color Blind Recovery

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Color Blind Sober Living & Recovery Services strives to provide a full-scope recovery solution that addresses not only one’s addiction, but likewise the many life aspects that serve to strengthen the client’s likelihood for attaining long-term, high-quality sobriety. We believe in, and operate by the unwavering mindset that “HOPE” is always within reach, thus conquering whatever hurdles await. We are, at our core, the heart and soul of a client’s early sobriety until his or her heart and soul has the strength, knowledge and commitment to take over.

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